Elk Pass buried in snow

Quite the incredible trip report from Meghan(according to her ski pole measurement, there must be at least 40 -50 cm of new snow):

Hi guys:

We just came back from the Elk Lakes Hut via Elk Pass on AT’s yesterday (although there were XC’ers with us), and it was BRUTAL! AT LEAST a foot and a half of snow had fallen over Sunday night, and we actually had to take our skis off to boot slog through knee deep snow for SIX hours to get back to the trail-head.

The XC portion on the Kananaskis side (i.e. Whiskey Jack, Hydroline etc) hadn’t been groomed as of 5pm yesterday (Monday). I say avoid that area until you are 100% certain it has been groomed unless plowing through knee deep snow is your sort of thing. It was quicker to WALK downhill in boots that it was in skis with skins off. (depressing!)

Picture here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150717218405977&l=577b3e0941

And here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150717217965977&l=c91f16a851


The person writing the PLPP trail report for today has a sense of humour:

Amos, Lynx, Woolley, Wheeler, and a portion of Meadow were groomed and trackset Sunday night and will have a mere 25 to 30 cm overtop.”


Does anyone have info on the trail to Mt Assiniboine?

Hi Bob,

I am supposed to be heading to Mt. Assinaboine on Thursday and with all this new snow and forecasted double digit plus temperatures, I am trying to guess what I might be in for! (Last year, we did this same trip and broke trail through almost knee deep snow for about 16Km before the party behind us caught up)

Do you have any beta on the trails in that area? With the lodge being closed this winter, apparently there is not too much ski in traffic there these days.


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