Holy cow! Tons of snow in Cascade Valley

Thanks to Chuck for the Trip Report and photos of Cascade Valley

Packing the snow in Cascade Valley begins

Click on the photos for a larger image. I encourage you to look at all of Chuck’s photos. The trail has now been groomed.


Avalanche control on the East End of Rundle. The snow cloud crosses the Smith-Dorrien road.

Smith-Dorrien(aka Spray Lakes) road is scheduled to be open by tomorrow afternoon. Here are some photos of the avalanche control on East End of Rundle(EEOR). In one photo, the snow has swept away the guard rail on the road just above Canmore. Avalanche control.


I didn’t ski today, but I took Tessa for walk in the back, which is the north slope of Mount Lawrence Grassi(sort of below Ha Ling but further east). It is quite remarkable to see how the snow depth from this recent storm varies according to elevation. In downtown Canmore at approx 1320m, I’d be surprised if they got 15 cm. At my house at 1404m, we have 25 cm. After climbing about 80 metres elevation from my back yard, there’s closer to 35 cm. I hiked up to look at a small avalanche slide path which knocked over a lot of trees last winter, but nothing has occurred this year.

If I go straight up the mountain 190m elevation, and 600 metres distance, I reach the Highline trail.

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