New trail report for Sunday

Sun 9:50 a.m. PLPP has already updated the trail report for today:

“On Saturday afternoon temperatures at the Peter Lougheed Visitor Information Centre reached 8 degrees.

This warmth created soft snow conditions on the north end of PLPP, which then froze overnight, creating icy conditions early this morning. Trails at the south end of the park experienced a similar melt/freeze cycle, though daytime temperatures were slightly lower at the south end, so the effects were slightly less severe.

As of 9:00 AM the temperature at the PLPP VIC was -2 C. There was a very slight dusting of snow overnight, which will help with the slick conditions on trails this morning and in addition, Come Along, Rolly Road, Stroil and Pocaterra (from the Pocaterra Hut to Packers Jct.), were all groomed last night which should mitigate the negative melt/freeze cycle on those trails.”

It’s very helpful during these challenging conditions to get the trail report so early in the day, especially when grooming has occurred, so thanks to the staff in PLPP for this.


The Rocky Mountain Ski Challenge will be held Sun Mar 18 at the Canmore Nordic Centre. There’s a 10K classic, or a 30K relay. It’s only $25 to enter.

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