6 months and 217,751 views later…

There won't be many more opportunities for skiing this spring

Anyone remember this posting from Oct 15, 2011: Frozen thunder – hard and fast. That was our first day on skis. It only took another 19 days(Nov 3) to be skiing on trackset snow at Lake Louise. We had excellent tracks on Elk Pass by Nov 25, although there was skiable snow by Nov 15. The photo of Helen below was taken in deep snow the day before Elk Pass was trackset.

This blog almost doubled its readership this winter, due in large part to all the contributions from you. For anyone who is still venturing out, please continue to leave a comment on the trip reports page. The busiest day on this blog was Jan 6 with 2590 views.

First tracks on Moraine Lake Road. Nov 3, 2011

We live in a wonderful place, to be able to ski as much as we do, on such a great variety of trails, but I’m sad to say that today’s ski at the nordic centre was probably the last for me.

It always takes me a while to adjust to the reality that we won’t be skiing for another seven (six if you count Frozen Thunder) long months, and I am indeed melancholy as I write this.

Thank you to all who contributed to the blog this winter. The anticipation of November’s snows will be in my thoughts, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again.

Thanks to Henry for this email:

Helen Read on Elk Pass. Nov 24, 2011

“I want to thank you for your web site. I have not seen anything like it. You’ve really created a sense of community with your skiers, and that’s what it is all about, aside from the wonderful timely trail reports themselves.”

It means a lot to hear that. This blog is a lot of work, but it’s also fun and gratifying. I think the number of readers and contributors bodes well for the future of xc skiing around here, as it shows just how popular the activity has become.

I need to say thanks to the tracksetters for going above and beyond the call of duty to give us the best conditions possible.

In order to stay in practice, and not forget how to log-in,  I’ll periodically update the blog throughout the summer with hiking trips.


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  1. Great work again/still, Bob. Many, many thanks!

  2. Thanks so much Bob for all the work you have done on this terrific website. Along with many others I am in mourning at the end of this wonderful ski season. Now it is time for my hiking ‘season opener’ tomorrow.

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