Another wonderful day in PLPP

I realize I’m using “wonderful” for two days in a row in the title, but it is only appropriate.

I see a lot of trip reports have beat me to the punch. More tracksetting last night made for excellent conditions early today on the middle/north trails in PLPP. Georgina and I were on the trails at 11:15 a.m. and skied most of the new tracksetting. Starting at Elkwood, we meandered around on Amos, Lynx, Pocaterra to Packers, back down the fun downhill on Pocaterra to Stroil(what a fun little trail), Lynx again, the south part of Amos and Wheeler.

A grateful skier has written "Thanks Jody" in the snow on Pocaterra

Good conditions everywhere, but as you get closer to the hut, the snow on Pocaterra is a little sketchy. There’s good coverage, but it’s getting icy. We only went as far as Stroil to the north, and Packers to the south. I expect Jody will be tracksetting the stretch of Pocaterra between Packers and Lookout tonight, as well as Whiskey Jack and Packers. That’s only my guess. Tyrwhitt trail is officially closed due to the avalanche. If you didn’t see Steve’s comment on the previous post, he has a photo of the avalanche fracture line on Mt Tyrwhitt Steve Rigg’s photos.

By 1:30, Wheeler was getting soft in the sunny spots and our wax didn’t work very well for the final 3K, but that was a minor inconvenience on a terrific day.

Pocaterra as it nears the Packers junction

The air temperature was -4 when we started, and +1 at the finish around 1:45.

Congratulations to Helen Read, one of our regulars on the blog, for reaching 1000K today(see photos). I’ll have a glass of wine in your honour tonight. It sounds like yesterday’s tracksetting on the south trails was holding up well today. Tonight will be the final time that Jody has to work the graveyard shift, as tracksetting will be finished for the season in PLPP.

If you’re going to PLPP tomorrow, the conditions should be suitable for wax early in the day, but by 1 pm, it’s klister or waxless skis.

Lots of new tracksetting in Lake Louise: “April 7: Moraine Lake road (classic and skating). April 6: 1A, Upper & Lower Telemark, Peyto, Upper Tramline, Fairview, Pipestone loop #20, Shoreline and lake Trail.”

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