Enjoyable spring skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre

All ages were out today at the Canmore Nordic Centre

The new snow seems to have motivated a number of skiers to take advantage of these good conditions because the CNC was a busy place today.

Peter, Nancy and I were on the trail by 10:30 am. The tracks were mostly icy but I managed to ski 15K on my waxable skis. In places where the tracks offered no grip, I stepped into the skating lane and managed pretty well. If I had to guess, I’d say that 75% of today’s skiers were skating.

Erin was using waxless skis on Bow trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Erin was on her new Fischer waxless skis and was having success, and Arlene, who I talked to as we were coasting back into the daylodge, used klister. She said it worked well until most of it wore off.

Erin, I hope you’ll leave a comment, so I know if I spelled your name correctly! I forgot to ask.

Always nice to hear the friendly greetings when I’m on the trails. I wasn’t wearing my trademark toque today, but still a number of skiers said “hi, are you SkierBob?” Erin decided to go skiing today after reading my blog post early this morning.

Having my ski trip update posted by 2 pm must be some kind of a record!

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Yes, you spelled my name correctly. It was great meeting you today! My entire family consults this blog religiously, and we speak as if we know you (“Skier Bob says…”). Thank you so much for everything you have done for xc-skiing this season and in seasons past. Hopefully we will get a chance to chat again this season or next!

    SkierBob says…thank you!- Bob

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