Maurice was skiing in PLPP on Tuesday:

Clearing the campground roads in PLPP

“Hi Bob — Our Seniors’ Outdoor Club were out for one last ski at PLP –icy tracks in the morning ~ 9:30 Am –went from William Watson Lodge onto Wheeler and where you cross the road to get to bottom of Whiskey Jack –well darn if we ran into bare road where the ski trail should be –a large machine was busy clearing about 3 feet of packed snow off of the campground road which leads onto the Moraine trail — the snow was softer in the afternoon –even purple wax was soso ! By the time we got to Pocaterra Hut it was more than plus 10C and water was pouring off the roof — I guess it all speaks to the end of a great xc-ski season –the pictures speak for themselves — Cheers, Maurice  

–PS Thanks for your site –it is invaluable to us all !”  

If you didn’t know already, grooming has finished for the season in PLPP, and according to the Banff trail report, grooming has now finished in Lake Louise.

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