Grassi Knob – again

After two days of solid rain, it was wonderful to see the sun shining again and to get out on the trail with Jackie, Steve, John and Lynn. My previous post on this destination stimulated some desire in Lynn to organize a hike and I was glad to tag along. Considering that I’ve been up here two times already this year, I may have to change my name from SkierBob to Grassi Knob Bob!

A curiosity along the trail. It’s an old stove.

Despite all the recent rain, the trail was in excellent condition and there was no snow at the top as I had experienced on my previous hike. At the summit, we enjoyed a stunning panoramic view of the Bow Valley, Mt Lawrence Grassi, Ship’s Prow, Three Sisters Pass, and the Three Sisters themselves. We were already speculating on another trip which would consist of a loop including the ridge between Grassi Knob and Ship’s Prow.

The final ascent. Steve waves from the top.

On the way back, wanting to avoid some of the steepest descents, we took a chance and descended a drainage which was shorter and much more gradual. It was a mystery, wondering where it would come out, but luckily it spit us out onto the very trail which we started out on. If you’re not concerned about having to climb over some deadfall, it’s the way I would recommend. We passed right by it on the ascent, but it’s difficult to spot. I’ll eventually get the track from my GPS and download it for all to see.

Here I am, living on the edge

We started on the Highline trail at Hubman Landing and proceeded past the golf course, across Three sisters creek, and up the switchbacks to the “old stove road.” We made a short detour to a secluded spot in the forest to look at a derelict cabin that I had found on a previous trip. We were wondering if the cabin was the original home of the old stove, as it’s in the vicinity.

The eastern part of the Highline trail had been closed for two days due to bear activity, but was opened again last night. We saw day-old bear scat on the trail near Three Sisters creek.

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  1. Bob, I suspect that most people who visit your site also check out what Bob Spirko and Dinah are up to. Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, they have a fascinating account of this trip, where they learn from Jim of another way to the top.

    Bob Spirko Grassi Knob Traverse –

    Henry, you’ve confirmed my suspicions. I’ve seen the trail branching off the Highline and thought that it might lead all the way to the top. Now I know, so thanks. I’m going to check it out one of these days. -Bob

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