Guess the trail

– Guess the trail #1 –

Every fall, while we’re waiting for the snow, we play “Guess the trail” on this blog. Preliminary indications look like we’ll be skiing on them soon
rather than guessing about them. Let’s get started with an easy one, it’s the junction of three trails in PLPP, with one of them notorious for being skiable early in the season.

Update: It didn’t take long for Barbara to make the correct guess on the first one, so here’s #2. This one’s going to be a little more difficult. This is the only trail in Banff National Park where you’ll see a skating lane and ONE track. If you’ve never gone past the 7K mark on this trail, you won’t have seen this particular spot. You can click on the photo for a larger image.

Guess the trail #2


  • If you’re planning on skiing regularly at the Canmore Nordic Centre this winter, you have six more days to buy your pass and receive a 10% discount.
Update: Barbara and Mario got the right answer to #2. Cascade Valley is double trackset up to the campground, about 6.5K, then it is single trackset to the end, about another 8K.
If you’ve been following this blog and faithfully reading all comments for the past month, you’ll know what trail this next one is. Unfortunately, it may be closed to skiing this winter. There’s a second clue if you look closely.

Guess the trail #3

I see from the blog statistics that 140 people have clicked over to Chuck’s trip report about Moraine Lake road, and about half of them clicked on the photos that Chuck provided. I wonder when they’ll be packing all that snow?

Update: Mario was correct, Iron Springs. Spray Lakes Sawmills will be using this trail as a logging road. On to #4. This one could trick you.

Guess the trail #4

Update: I thought someone might guess Elk Pass, but Barbara knew it was Hydroline.  There are power lines on Elk Pass, but the give-away is that there’s only one track on Hydroline.  This game has been too easy for you avid skiers. With #5, let’s try something a little more difficult:

Guess the trail #5

Update: Georgina is feeling pretty smug for guessing that one so quickly after I said it would be difficult. It’s the steep hill on Lynx in PLPP.  This hill did not exist at one time on Lynx, but because the old trail was beset with a large ice flow, it was re-routed up this steep hill about eight years ago. It’s a lot of fun descending the hill when snow conditions are favourable, but it could be hazardous on poor snow.

Let’s see how you do with #6:

Guess the trail #6


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  1. #6 The Goat Creek Trail near Canmore connects to the Spray River Trail and you eventually end up behind the Banff Springs Hotel.

    Congratulations! -Bob

  2. #6 is Spray River Trail.

    Not exactly. This one connects to the the Spray River trail to make a wonderful 19K one-way trip. -Bob

  3. #6 is Old Goat.

    No, but you’re half right. -Bob

  4. #5 is Lynx.

  5. #4 is the Hydroline.

  6. #3 is Iron Springs at West Bragg Creek. The clue is the off-leash dog.

  7. Missed it by 2 minutes.

  8. Cascade Fire Road is #2.

  9. I say Cascade Fire Road :-).

  10. Is trail 2 Redearth Creek?

    You’re in the right park, but no skating lane on Redearth Creek.-Bob

  11. Elk Pass. Itching to check out some trails there this weekend :-).

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