More snow and wonderful skiing

Yesterday’s tracksetting on Moraine Lake road already had 8 cm of new snow over top when I arrived at the trailhead around 10:30 a.m. Lucky for me, the training group from the Green Racing Project  in Vermont was out in full force with 10 skiers  breaking trail in front of me. They were taking a break from training on Frozen Thunder at Canmore. I enjoyed chatting with a few of the skiers today, and you can read a Canmore report about the group.

The weather was a lot milder than I expected with an air temperature of -4°C, and snow temp of -2°C., but colder weather is on the way in the days ahead. Much colder, in fact, with a forecast high in Lake Louise on Saturday of -14°C.

I had good grip with VR45, and the skiing was excellent  on the way up. Coming back was fast, but the fresh snow slowed me down just enough that I could stay in the tracks all the way. On faster snow, I usually chicken out on the last corner and ski in the middle.

I would expect that MLR will be groomed and trackset once  more before the weekend. I was surprised to read on the Banff Trail Report at 5:30 pm that the Great Divide had been groomed and trackset. The snow was untouched there at 1:30 pm when I went to check it. I guess they did some fast work this afternoon. Upper Tramline has been snowmobile packed, and the Pipestone loops have been packed.

It appears that Calgary will be the winner this weekend, and I’m not referring to the football game. As I was driving home, I heard on the radio that 25 – 40 cm of snow could fall in the city. It appears that we will be getting only small amounts in the mountains over the next few days. Can’t wait to hear if the golf courses and West Bragg will have skiing. It’s supposed to be less cold in the city, too. 

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