No shortage of snow at Lake Louise

With 25 cm yesterday at Lake Louise, and more today, the trail crews will be working overtime to try and keep up with all the new snow. Moraine Lake road was groomed and trackset this morning; the Great Divide had been rolled; Upper Tramline was double trackset; Lower Tramline was being snowmobile packed; Peyto was snowmobile packed.

The Banff trail report indicates “The Cascade Valley cross-country ski trail was trackset Nov 21. The forecasted 15 cm of snow tonight may change condition rating from fair/good to snow covered.”

The highway was very icy from the Banff gate to Lake Louise. The sun was shining in LL upon arrival at 1:30 pm. By 4 pm, it was totally socked in and snowing heavily. The drive back to Canmore was nightmarish with about 10-15 cm of snow on the highway with poor/no lane definition, and very poor visibility. I was going about 40 Kmh the entire way, stuck in a long line of traffic.

The other side of the coin means this should bode well for additional tracksetting. I’m thinking Redearth Creek for sure, and hopefully Goat Creek as well. I was surprised to read that Cascade Valley was trackset today. I imagine that it will have to be re-done after this snowfall.

More on user fees

I received a reply from my MLA regarding user fees. You can read it on the previous post. In a nutshell, Ron Casey said “I am not in favour of user fees in Peter Lougheed Park for the cross country trails.” 

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