Dog-friendly ski trails and other links

Tessa loves skiing at dog-friendly Nipika. Jan 3, 2010

Tessa loves skiing at dog-friendly Nipika.

I was asked by a skier the other day what happened to the Dog-friendly ski trails link which I used to have on the main menu. Well, it’s still there, but is now located under Resources, along with a lot of other useful links.

Just this morning, Coriane asked, “I’m wondering if there
are any ski trail’s (classical or skate) that allow dogs off leash (or even on)? I’m a new dog owner, and my dream has always been to ski with a dog…”
Here is the link to the page

In addition to the Dog-friendly ski trails, under Resources you can find numerous maps, trailhead locations, and clubs who give ski lessons.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation, a few of the establishments on my sidebar are possiblities: Nipika, Castle Mountain Chalets, Emerald Lake Lodge.

Kananaskis Village Centre

Kananaskis Village Centre renovations

I received this email from the Kananaskis Visitor’s Centre Supervisor:

“I thought it might be of interest to your readers that the Village Centre renovation is ongoing (completion expect in early summer next year), however the Kananaskis Outfitters are up and running in their new space. It’s noteworthy, because many folks are wandering into the Outfitters new location expecting to find a day lounge. While the new lobby and day lounge will be just gorgeous when open (see the link below), they’re still very much under construction at this time, so picnickers are unfortunately still “out in the cold”, so to speak.”

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