Good conditions for the weekend

Get your green wax ready, maybe blue if it’s later in the day. I think you could go almost anywhere this weekend and have good snow and tracks, and best of all, no waxing problems. Take note, too, that it will be a little warmer in the mountains than in Calgary. Environment Canada is calling for a high of -11°C in Kananaskis and Banff on Saturday, while Calgary freezes at -14°C.

More grooming has been completed in PLPP, Ribbon creek, Banff and Lake Louise, so check the trail reports. I’m going to make a wild guess that more trails will be groomed than what you see on the current trail reports, too. Perhaps the Skogan Pass trails(see comments for update from Jeff) will be done, maybe Redearth creek, and some additional trails in PLPP.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Banff trail completely open at the Canmore Nordic Centre. It had mountains of snow piled on top yesterday, waiting to be groomed.

Steve Riggs and daughter in spring 1987 on the Chester-Sawmill trails

I just heard a rumour that Emerald Lake and the alluvial fan will be seeing some grooming very soon. Not confirmed yet, so stay tuned. The ski shop at the lake, Emerald Sports and Gifts, will be open tomorrow(Sat) and Sunday. Update Dec 7 at 10:00 pm: The trails at Emerald Lake are packed and skiable. They would have been trackset except for equipment problems. Might be done for Sunday.

We received 2 cm of new snow overnight in Canmore. I hear Goat creek calling my name, but I’m still fighting this flu. Talk about frustrating.

Have you checked the latest photos and comments on the Emerald Lake Lodge contest?


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  1. Calgary Ski Club skiers reported Sat. (Dec. 8) that the Emerald Lake trail had been groomed.

  2. I agree with Bob – get violet or violet-special.

  3. Skogan Pass, High Level, Sunburst, Skogan Loop, all groomed and track set today 20 cm of new snow on an already great base makes skiing excellent up here.
    Lower Skogan (Below Marmot Jct) still thin and groomed only.

  4. Nice to see a post start with some waxing info. I’m just on my way to MEC for a little treat – a new Swix wax. As I just started XC last year, I got the three pack with the Swix red, blue and green. Any suggestions of another more common wax to use around here (if there is such a thing)? I’m thinking something like red special, violet, or violet special for something in between red and blue.

    Swix VR45(-2/-8) is the wax I use the most. In the “V” series, it would be the equivalent of V45(-1/-7). If you already have V45, then the next warmest(Violet Special 0/-3) is what I’d recommend. There are times where the blue won’t work, but the red is too sticky. Violet Special would fill that gap. -Bob

    • Thanks for the replies, Bob and Rhonda. I already got Violet before these responses were up, bug may get the Violet Special as well. I’m sure in all my ski outings I’ll start using more waxes. Do they go bad after some time, or are they generally good for a few winters?

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