Waxing problems are behind us

 – Ribbon creek was trackset yesterday and has nice, cold snow – 

The roving ski reporter(Ann, as in Ann-onimous) was having a wonderful time on the Ribbon creek trails today.  She reports a blue wax day with a snow temp of -7°C . Wax at the beginning of the day, and forget it. None of this endless waxing, scraping, and re-waxing of the past week.  Temperatures are predicted to remain well below zero for the forseeable future(a high of -12 on Sat and -8 on Sun).

Audrey and Alison were at Ribbon creek today after reading about it on the blog.

Ann caught up with tracksetter Jeff as he was coming home from a long day of grooming and tracksetting on the Bill Milne and Wedge connector trails.

Jeff reports excellent conditions on the Wedge, but your poles might hit pavement on the Bill Milne.

More trails are ready

The Banff trail report shows that Goat creek, Spray river east and west, and Cascade valley have all been trackset since the big snowfall.

All the Mt Shark trails were done on the 4th, but will be covered with 20 cm of new snow.

PLPP grooming has commenced for this week with Hydroline, Lookout, Tyrwhitt, and the first 2k of Elk Pass being done yesterday. Chuck has some amazing photos of the groomer on Elk Pass…check the Trip Reports. Take note, the PLPP Visitor Centre is only open Friday through Sunday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Ribbon creek snowman

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