Weekend wrap-up

 – 2.5k has been trackset on Banff trail at CNC – 

I didn’t get a lot of skiing in this weekend, but with the challenging waxing conditions and sketchy roads, I’m not so sure I missed much. I wish everyone could ski during the weekand not have to limit themselves to a weekend where conditions aren’t so great. Thanks for all the Trip Reports. It’s enlightening to hear about everyone’s waxing procedures on days like this.

Banff trail at CNC was busy with lots of skiers and the conditions were good

From the Trip Reports, it sounds like Cascade valley has remained one of the places where the snow has remained cold enough to not present any waxing problems. I went to the Canmore Nordic Centre both days to watch some of the Nor-Am and Alberta cup races.

While at the nordic centre today, I skied the length of the tracksetting on Banff trail, and it was superb. It was around noon, and the tracks were perfect and the snow was cold enough to use purple wax(VR50).

After skiing 2.5k, you’ll see this sign which says “Trail closed.” Some skiers were continuing on the natural snow trail to the left. Snowmaking is in progress on the remaining portion of the Banff trail.

There’s about 2.5k of Banff trail ready, but I saw skiers heading out further onto the natural snow. Frozen thunder is still in great shape with an additional 2k of trail. I had to turn around and get back for the start of Joelle’s race, and I managed to get to the start line just as she was leaving. Joelle Sevigny is this blog’s Adopt-A-Skier, and she will have an update on here later.

Joelle Sevigny in the starting gate for the Alberta cup Junior girls’ classic 5k race

More excellent photos have been submitted to the Emerald Lake Lodge  contest, so if you haven’t checked them yet we’re up to 32 and I’ll be adding more later tonight. Keep the comments coming. One of the best things about the contests we have on this blog is that I get to read some eloquent, expressive writing for a change. (Make sure you read the comment from Andra). I’m impressed with all the articulate cross-country skiers out there!

Would you take a dozen eggs into the backcountry in your pack? You can read about such an experience on the Win Fischer skis contest. We’ve had 14 new comments over the weekend on that contest that are worth reading.

The racing at CNC was pretty exciting, but Niko was more interested in belly-rubs

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