Cold snow but lots of debris

The good news is that we were still using waxable skis at the Canmore Nordic Centre today. The bad news is that some of the trails were covered with tree debris from the high winds.

Lots of tree debris on Bow trail

Lots of tree debris on Bow trail

The air temp at 1 pm was +4°C, but the snow was still in nice shape at -3°C. The man-made snow was excellent as you can see in the photos, but we skied on natural snow on Bow Trail and I’ve never seen so much tree debris in the tracks. It would have been a good day to be skating.

On the way back we took Banff trail and there was lots of debris for the first 1.5K, but thereafter it progressively improved until we hit the man-made snow, and conditions were excellent again. I had plenty of grip with Swix VR50(0/-4).

Our record winning streak looks like it will end at 46 days. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve had any temperatures warm enough to negatively impact the skiing conditions. It’s been great while it lasted, but it looks like I’ll be dusting off the waxless skis.

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