Snow everywhere!

Update Jan 11 @ 9:00 a.m. Spray lakes road will be closed today for four hours beginning at 11 a.m. for avalanche control. Barabara gave us a heads-up on this last night. All the trails at Mt Shark were trackset last night.

The Banff and Yoho trail reports are temporarily unavailable. Parks Canada is having issues with their website and tweets, “We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our website. We will let you know once we’re back up and running.” Kicking Horse Ski Club usually has updates on Yoho, and indeed, they have already reported that trails around Emerald Lake have new tracks.

Coincidentally, Kananaskis has updated their website address, and the old address will no longer re-direct to the new location. My link on Trail Reports has been updated if you want the new address.

Confederation golf course has been trackset. Thanks for the update, Rainer.

I misread the Kananaskis trail report earlier, and said they received 41 cm at Pocaterra. After hearing from Jody, there’s actually about 15 – 20 cm over a base of 41 cm, just as Jim Davis indicated on his trip report. Jody mentioned there was close to 40 cm, if not more, in a few places at the south end. In any event, there’s lots of new snow. The updated Kananaskis trail report also indicates 30 cm at Ribbon creek, but we knew that already from Jeff and Laurence.

Elk pass, Blueberry Hill and Patterson were groomed and trackset early this morning. The fact that only those three trails were done by the Pisten-Bully tells me they had some deep snow to contend with. The snowmobiles have trackset Fox creek, Boulton creek, and Moraine.

Although my backyard in Canmore didn’t require any more snow, I would guess I had at least 20 cm to shovel off the deck. The natural snow trails at the nordic centre should be in fantastic shape. Banff reports 20 -30 cm.

As Tracksetter Jeff reported last night, all the Kananaskis Village and Ribbon creek trails were trackset yesterday, a few of them such as Hay Meadow and Troll Falls for the first time this season.

West Bragg and Sandy McNabb received 20 – 25 cm, so there should be some good skiing there for the weekend if it gets trackset. It also appears likely there will be some good skiing on the city golf courses.

Lake Louise received 35 cm. InYoho, Marilyn from Kicking Horse Ski Club reports, “It’s a dump! Go snoeshoein,’ too much snow.


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  1. Even Shaganappi golf course was in great shape last night

    • Was Shaganappi set for skate and trackset for classic? “Great shape” doesn’t tell me much other than you had a good ski. Reason I ask is because I’d like to take the kids classic skiing again. Thanks.

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