Update #3 from Joelle

Joelle Sevigny

This season, we’re following the progress of a young ski racer from Canmore, Joelle Sevigny, in our Adopt-a-Skier program sponsored by Lifesport. Anyone training for races would benefit from reading this update.

(If you would like to be brought up to speed, go back and read Update #1 and Update #2.)

Update #3: Staying out of the Virus’ den

Last year, health was one of the big issues I dealt with, particularly my immune system. I got a cold once a month and recovery would take up to two weeks. I’ve had my fair share of visits to the doctor and since then, I’ve been taking iron supplements three times a day.

The ski season started off well, the extra iron seemed to be helping seeing as I hadn’t got a cold since the spring. However, with Alberta being hit by a wave of viruses, it was hard for my body to shield itself. While in Vernon for the NorAm, I raced in the 7.5 Classic Mass Start and finished seventh in the overall Junior Girls category. The following day, I backed out of the 7.5 skate race because I was attacked by a cold.

By the time Christmas came around, I fully recuperated. Throughout the Holidays, my volume went up and I concentrated on putting the mileage in. During those three-hour workouts, it was important to keep my heart rate low and not go crazy trying to beat my dad.

One thing I find important while I train is focusing on myself and not losing energy worrying about beating the people beside me, as that’s what races are for. Training is about accomplishing your own goals to make yourself better. This is something I’ve recently learned from last year when I was often sick, I would get to a testing day and my results wouldn’t be what I’ve wished for. Then I would look at my teammate’s results and feel even worse. Therefore, I learned that training is personal and you can only compare yourself in races.

On January 12 and 14, I will be in Drayton Valley for Alberta Cup three and four. Right now I’m feeling strong and ready to race. Hopefully it stays like that for the remaining races!



Good luck, Joelle! On the subject of training, the Globe and Mail has an interesting article today about xc skiing: “skiers had approximately twice the cardiovascular and muscular fitness…” Read more The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing

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