Cypress Hills loppet

I don’t know if we have any readers in the southeast corner of the province, but Cypress Hills Prov Park has acquired tracksetting and grooming equipment and will be having a fun race next Saturday, the first annual Cypress Hills Loppet.

You can ski on familiar tracks because the machine they use is the old Ribbon Creek Pisten-Bully. Take note of the unusual entry fee( a donation). I’m quite familiar with the park because I lived in Medicine Hat for ten years. I spent many hot summer days with my tent and canoe at Spruce Coulee.

Whiskey Jack

The bird which was named after a trail in PLPP. Photo by Robert Kent

I didn’t ski today, but I received the Whiskey Jack photo from Robert Kent.(Click on the photo for a larger image) I ran into him and his buddies on Tuesday at the Packers/Wheeler junction. You might remember a photo similar to the one below. I noted the gigantic camera which Robert had hanging around his neck and wondered how much it weighed. The fellow on the extreme right needed wax and I applied some Toko yellow to his skis so he’d have grip on Wheeler.

Glad to hear from Rose that it’s snowing at Elk Pass. They could use some fresh snow for the Cookie Race next Saturday. The weather forecast is calling for 5 – 10 cm in the mountains tonight and Sunday.

Photo by Robert Kent

Photo by Robert Kent

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