More photos from Cypress Hills

I realize that most of my readers won’t be going to Cypress Hills, but I have noticed in the last few days that this blog has received a lot of log-ins from the Medicine Hat area.

It’s critical for potential skiers to see the snow, and the excellent conditions which exist a short 45 minutes away, because in Medicine Hat there’s no snow and the temperature is spring-like. It’s the old problem of “Out of sight, out of mind.” Here’s a link to the trail report Those beautiful trails are just begging for more skiers!

Spring Creek xc trails in Cypress Hills

Spring Creek xc trails in Cypress Hills

On the above map, if you’re skiing counter-clockwise, all the middle trails are gradual, fun downhills with easy turns where you don’t even need to snowplow. The low point is at Willow Creek group camp at 1350 metres. The high point is the trailhead at 1420 metres(that’s the same elevation as the Canmore Nordic Centre).

I’m back in Canmore and anxious to get back out on the trails around here. I hate to miss a day of skiing on our fantastic trails,  but I was thrilled to see the Cypress Hills ski trails and to see that efforts are underway to get more people interested in xc skiing in the southeast corner of the province.  To Chris and Darwin, keep up the good work! You have the ingredients for a successful xc ski area with the great trails and best of all, lots of snow.

Thanks for all the trip reports over the past few days. It’s very creative the way skiers can incorporate song titles into their reports!

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