Warming up for 2 days

Got waxless skis? Conditions look good for today(Thursday), but Friday and Saturday will see highs in the +7 to +10°C range for Kananaskis and Canmore. The temperature drops back down to sub-zero for Sunday.

Lake Louise will be cooler with highs near zero(Fri and Sat) and -3(Sun) which bodes well for the Lake Louise loppet on Sunday. There will be a lot of skiers and traffic at the lake. If you want to participate, you can still register on the morning of the race between 9:00 and 10:15 a.m. Click on this link to see the trails which the racers will be using LL loppet course map, or for more info, LL loppet info.

PLPP may escape the worst but I fear for the conditions at Ribbon creek and Canmore. The warm temperatures could result in wet snow in the afternoon, with icy conditions in the mornings.  Jeff trackset the Ribbon creek and Kananaskis village trails on Tuesday night, and Tom was there yesterday to check them out. He reported excellent tracks and minimal debris and wax was still performing well.

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