Canmore Nordic Centre

 – Chantal and Jayne were enjoying the new snow at Canmore Nordic Centre – 

I waited for the snow to start falling before venturing over to the nordic centre. There was 2 cm of new snow at low elevations and double that higher up at 6 pm. The snow has stopped for now, but the forecast is calling for an additional 5 cm in the next 24 hours. It looks like it will stay cold for at least 3 days.



The air temperature was -2°C and the snow appeared to be of a texture that would clump if using wax.  The tracks would have been icy pre-snowfall, but with the new snow I had excellent grip with my traditional fish-scale waxless skis. I skied mostly on the higher elevation trails such as Meadowview, Bruin, Wolverine, Wapiti, Rundle. Those trails have some steep sections which are a lot of fun when you have fresh snow. The old ice underneath the new snow was a non-issue.

Sometime in the past week, this blog reached its 100,000th unique visitor for this winter. Here’s a list of where most are coming from:

Alberta (AB) 83,979
British Columbia (BC) 2,806
Ontario (ON) 2,596
Saskatchewan (SK) 605
Quebec (QC) 546
Manitoba (MB) 496
Nova Scotia (NS) 128
Northwest Territories (NT) 118
Newfoundland (NL) 113
New Brunswick (NB) 80
Yukon Territory (YT) 26
Prince Edward Island (PE) 17
Nunavut (NU) 3
N/A 3,517
 United States (US) 5,195
 Norway (NO) 317
 United Kingdom (GB) 309
 France (FR) 165
 Germany (DE) 141
 Australia (AU) 116
 New Zealand (NZ) 107
 Sweden (SE) 103

Photos from today at Canmore Nordic Centre:

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