Is this the missing hiker?

I just read in the Outlook  that human remains were found yesterday in Kananaskis Country. Read more Rocky Mountain Outlook.  It’s mere speculation on my part, as there are few details yet, but…

Could it be this man who has been missing for over two years…

“Four days of chopper and ground searches in Kananaskis have failed to turn up an Australian hiker who has gone off the grid.

Mounties said Kevin Kennedy, a 59-year-old Australian man, was reported overdue in the Highwood Pass area of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Sunday after he had set out to hike over Grizzly Col, a remote trail, and complete the Tyrwitt loop.

Ground and air searches have been conducted every day since Monday with as many as 30 volunteers, but have failed to turn up any sign of Kennedy.”

 Read more  calgarysun2011/08/24/aussie-hiker-missing-in-k-country


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  1. Hello, Bob:

    No, it wasn’t Australian hiker Kevin Kennedy. I confirmed this directly with Mr. Kennedy’s wife, who was contacted by RCMP. I’ve been involved with the search for Kevin since he disappeared in 2011 – having clocked in hundreds of hours on it with varying search teams privately and through search and rescue. I also attended the site of the this skeletal location in question, the individual who found the remains contacted me from the internet and advised that he thought the “skull was smaller than a normal-sized adult.” For those of you out there who follow missing person cases, this find of a skull, and hip and lower skeletal areas was situated close to the Tyrwhitt parking lot region, not far off the 40 highway, across a stream and between the old service road and the 40. The bones were extracted by RCMP starting with the hip region embedded just off the abandoned access road (west to east) and ending with the skull closest to the creek area parallel to highway 40. To me, but I have not been able to confirm with police, it had the ear markings of a body dump off the old service road.

  2. In 2000 something really strange just about took me off that trail and missed creek just one Valley over my story is episode 57 of Sasquatch chronicles I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a bear and it had 15 1/2 inch foot prints and I might’ve disappeared too if my friends hadn’t been 10 minutes behind me on their bikes and finally showed up in time I don’t know what happened to Mr. Kennedy I just know what happened to myself there’s things out there we don’t understand and that are covered up because were not supposed to know
    His case is in the missing 411 books by author David Paulides and I had a similar experience to some of the missing person casesz.
    Any word on if he has ever been located ?

  3. Hey Bob. In 2011 I worked for Alberta Parks in trail maintenance, and was enlisted to help in the search for Mr. Kennedy. I heard about these human remains found in 2013, and thought for sure they must be his. I have been wondering much like you, and had not heard anything , so I contacted one of the conservation officers that worked on this search in Peter Lougheed. It turns out those remains were not from Kevin Kennedy. CO’s were never informed of who’s remains they were, but they were not from him. Still, he is missing. Just thought you might be interested in hearing that.


  4. I was thinking the same thing Bob. Hopefully at least it would provide some closure.

  5. Thanks for the news Bob. This should prove to be very interesting.

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