Lost items on Red Ridge

If anyone finds Marjorie’s belongings, send me an email and I’ll pass it along to her. Last month, we were fortunate to recover Ivana’s glasses, so let’s hope this has the same outcome.

Hi Bob,

It was suggested to me today that perhaps I could contact you about some lost items on a hike that I participated in on August 17, 2013 and that perhaps you could put in your blog the approximate location of the lost items in case someone else hiked that particular slope. 

Our destination was the Red Ridge loop hike. We were hiking from the end of the creek up the steep grassy slope and then up a large boulder scree slope, in which there was a chimney through which we climbed. It was at this point, that I discovered that my backpack was open and I had lost all the contents inside. Because I was the last person in the group, no one noticed that my pack was open and probably had been for awhile. I had been using some of the evergreen trees to help pull myself up both the grassy slope and when they were available in the scree slope as well. I remember my pack getting caught a couple of times on the branches but didn’t notice it was open until I got to the chimney and had to remove the pack to get through the chimney. I think we were on the first of the 4 scree slopes coming up from the creek bed. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise. I was hoping if we could spot the larger items, we might find the keys, wallet and contents. We re-traced what we thought was our route but because of the many large scree slopes next to each other in that area and the width of each scree slope, we could not be sure we were on the same path. I think the items were lost somewhere between the upper sections of the grassy slope where we climbed a small ridge and the successive screen slopes below the chimney.

The contents that I lost were:

-my black wallet with car keys attached and an ipod inside

-my light lime green fleece

-my light lime green MEC goretex jacket

-a black lunch bag

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


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