Guess the trail

Until the snow comes, let’s play another round of Guess the trail.

“They are some of the most enjoyable trails we have, with lots of hills, varied terrain, and great scenery.”

The above line is what I wrote the last time the trails were groomed in this location back in 2008, a couple weeks after I started this blog. One of the trails is pictured in the below photos. (I miss skiing on those trails. They were beautiful).

Included in this edition are trails in Kananaskis, Banff, West Bragg, Sandy McNabb, Lake Louise, Yoho, and Nipika. One of these trails was completely wiped out in the June floods. There are no duplicates, every photo is a unique trail. I’ve already given you more hints than you deserve, so give it a try. As always, there’s a defining feature in every photo.


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  1. re. Photo #20.

    I’m curious as to why there seems to be a preponderance of up-tracks, with no indication that people have skied down the other way, at least at the time the photo was taken?

    We came in from the other side(while returning from the end of the Cascade trail) as there was a nice snowmobile track to follow. This hill is the shortcut for getting out. -Bob

  2. #5 Ribbon Creek

    That’s it! This photo was taken about 4K from the trailhead, closer to the end of the grooming. Tragically, the trail was completely destroyed by the June floods. -Bob

    • The Mt. Bogart reference was a dead giveaway, although I was thinking Ribbon before I saw your hint. From what I could gather, it was the only trail in this list completely destroyed by the flood.

  3. Bob, as usual you make it pretty tough on us. Here are a few guesses:
    1. Mt. Shark area Yes
    2. Just south of Lookout at PLPP Yes
    3. Telemark at Lake Louise Yes
    6. Chester-Sawmill trails Yes, you saw the yellow marker? The last time these trails were groomed was in 2008.
    8. W.Bragg Ck – road just west of the parking lot Yes
    9. Fox Creek Yes
    10. Kovach near Ribbon Ck Yes
    12. Nipika Yes
    14. Trail just east of Castle Jct/1A hwy (Trail #3?) See my answer to Doug below.
    15. Pipestone Yes
    16. Redearth Yes, very unique tracksetting with a snowmobile trail to the side.
    18. Elk Pass- big hill near the parking lot Yes
    19. Spray River/Goat Creek Yes
    20. Cascade Valley – drop to the warden’s cabin Yes

    We’re getting there. 2, 6, 12, and 16 are new correct answers, and that only leaves us with #5. I’m surprised no one has guessed the correct answer to #5, with the iconic MT Bogart starting everyone in the face. Dogs are allowed, too(on leash) -Bob

  4. #2 – Watridge Lake Trail? No, but it is in Kananaskis. Very high up. -Bob

  5. 1- Mount Shark easy green loop?

    It is Mt Shark but it’s the Blue loop. Green has never been groomed for as long as I’ve been going there. -Bob

  6. 4 – Moose Meadows?

    No, and that’s a difficult one. You’d need to be familiar with the mountain in the background. It’s in Banff National Park. With June’s flooding washing out a bridge, it will require a longer ski to access this trail now. -Bob

    • Brewster Creek to Sundance Lodge?

      Yes. With the Healy creek bridge gone, skiers will have to start at the Cave and Basin this winter, making for a few extra kilometres to reach Brewster creek. -Bob

      • And I think with that comes an even smaller possibility of recovering my camera. Lost it somewhere near the end of the trail and Healy parking lot after a lovely ski up there last winter. So, in case anyone ever comes across a Canon G10 with January 12, 2013 photos of Sundance Lodge, post a reply here :-).

  7. Here are my guesses:

    3 – Upper Telemark trail Yes, that’s at Lake Louise
    5 – Elk Pass Trail
    11 – Boom Lake Trail
    13 – Looks like Sandy McNabb area Yes
    14 – Baker Creek to Protection Mtn trail Gettin’ close
    15 – Pipestone Trails – Hector Trail Yes
    16 – Trail to Skoki between LL ski area and Boulder Pass

    The Sandy McNabb trail(#13) is Long Prairie Loop. I wish that area would get more snow because those trails are fun. Close, too, for people in the extreme south end of Calgary. -Bob

    • # 14 – How about further west towards Lake Louise near Monats Curve? You’re close enough for me to admit that it’s Leg 2 of the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet, approximately 3K west of Castle Lookout. This trail is only trackset once per winter. -Bob

  8. Helps to read the instructions! I’m changing 10 = Kovach…. Yes…again!

  9. All guesses:

    14 Castle Junction No
    6 & 10 = Kovach? #10 Yes
    8 = Mountain Road @ Bragg Creek Yes

    In #8, your dog can run off-leash when it’s on the other side of the gate. #10 is Kovach trail at the lookout. -Bob

  10. I’m still trying to figure out where Bridge # 20 is!
    Anyway, here goes:
    1: Pocaterra
    2: Peyto Lake
    4: Chester Lake
    5: Redearth Creek
    7: Sundance Canyon Yes
    8: Iron Creek
    9: Fox Creek Yes
    17: MLR Yes Moraine Lake Road
    18: Elk Pass Trail Yes
    19: Goat Creek Yes(actually Spray River west, but close enough)
    20: Cascade Fire Road – Warden’s Cabin Yes

    I’ve indicated YES for the correct ones. I think Spray River west starts at the bridge which is about 100 metres from the sign, but I’m not 100% sure. -Bob

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