Guess the trail, bridges edition

It’s a good day to stay inside and play Guess the Trail. I’ve posted 20 photos of bridges for you to agonize over and make wrong guesses!!

When skiing west, soon after crossing bridge #13 you'll come to this notorious curve and steep downhill

When skiing west, soon after crossing bridge #13 you’ll come to this notorious curve and steep downhill

It will be very challenging. I expect it will take at least until dark today to correctly guess all of them!

The first one is pretty well a giveaway, just to encourage you to go deeper into the abyss. One bridge is pictured 3 times from different angles.

In #7 and #11, I’m standing on the bridge and taking a photo of the creeks which run underneath. In #12, the sheep is standing on the road/bridge which leads to a popular trail.

These are all within an easy drive of Calgary, but you may have to stretch your usual boundaries a little. Six of them were damaged or destroyed in the June floods. How many can you get?


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  1. #20 is at Emerald Lake

    Which trail? -Bob

  2. So, what are we down to? #20?
    I think we need a hint.

    Surely someone will ski on that trail this winter and recognize it 🙂 -Bob

    • Bob:

      Please let us know what #20 is ….

      This was fun, how about more: trail-head or trail junction theme next time.

  3. 9 + 13 have got to be on Goat Creek. The “notorious curve” in your hint photo is just above the bridge in photo 1. 13 is the bridge across the Spray River that Chuck O’Callaghan posted some photos of a few days ago (has it been fixed yet, I wonder?).

    • Oops. Just realized I got 9 and 13 backwards! Guess I’ve spent too long looking at this! 9 is over Spray River and 13 is the other one, which Chuck also posted a picture of (or one of the others that’s similar) and now repaired. Way to hide things in plain site, Bob!

      Good job. I thought those two would’ve been easier. -Bob

  4. Are 9 and 13 on the way into Boom Lake? I notice the lovely bridge at the beginning of that trail hasn’t been represented here. (or I haven’t recognized it in your photos.)

    And were any in Paradise Valley? So many guesses for that one.

    No. See my answer to Janice in previous comment. -Bob

  5. Last guess! Is bridge 13 on the tramline in Lake Louise?

    No, but I’ve added a photo in the body of the post which will give you a hint. -Bob

  6. #13 trail into skoki lodge?

    Nope. You’ll be mad at yourself when you find out which bridge it is. -Bob

  7. Is #20 in Paradise Valley or along the Pipestone trails?

    Nope. Give up yet? -Bob

    • No, 13 and 20 are bothering me. Are you sure 13 is not along the Cascade Valley trail? – Doug

      I know the location you’re thinking of along Cascade Valley about 12 – 13K from the trailhead. It looks similar, but different trail. Bridges #9 and #13 are both on the same trail. -Bob

  8. Is # 14 the bridge across the Yoho River on the Takakaw Falls Road?

    Officially known as Yoho Valley road. That’s it. -Bob

  9. Is #13 on the Paradise valley trail? Nope

    Is # 14 on the Lake Ohara road? No, but you’re in the right park. -Bob

  10. Is #8 Emerald Lake again?
    13 – Pipestone Loop?
    14 isn’t Wapta Falls, is it?
    Only slightly obsessed with this game. Love bridges!

    #8 is correct. It’s the bridge that takes you from the east side lakeshore onto the alluvial fan. #8, #18, and #19 are all the same bridge.

    Keep trying with #13 and #14. -Bob

  11. 13. Fox Creek Sorry

    Okay, a hint. The trail is double trackset except for three of these single-lane bridges. -Bob

  12. You’ve correctly guessed fourteen of them, that’s pretty good for the high degree of difficulty here. All that remains are 8 – 9 – 13 – 14 – 19 – 20.

    #8 and #19 are the same bridge as one that’s already been correctly guessed. #13 is in Banff National park. #14 is a very distinctive bridge, but this trail is no longer trackset, however it remains popular with backcountry skiers.

  13. These are tough, Bob. I’ll try a few:
    1. Goat Creek Correct
    2. Cascade River Correct
    3. Boulton Bridge Correct
    6. Looks like somewhere at Nipika Correct
    12. Bridge/dam on Lake Minnewanka Correct
    15. Nipika? Correct
    16. Nipika? Correct – It’s the farthest north bridge, Corral creek I think
    18. Emerald Lake Correct
    Guess I don’t pay much attention to bridges.

  14. 6 is Nipika at the natural bridge. Correct
    8 is in Paradise Valley. Nope
    16 looks like Nipika too. Correct
    18. Emerald Lake? Correct
    19 might be in Paradise Valley too. Nope

  15. Now these are just guesses:

    11. Ribbon Creek Correct
    14. Kicking Horse road Nope
    17. Spray River beyond Watridge Lake Close enough. Watridge Lake Road.
    19. Paradise Valley Nope

    P.S. Nipika is a long drive from Calgary!

  16. 3 is near Boulton Bridge. Or it is Boulton Bridge. PLPP

    Correct -Bob

    • #3 is Boulton Bridge, Boulton Creek Correct
      #10 is on Tramline Correct
      #16 I think is Healy Creek, just beside Sunshine turnoff Nope

  17. 1. Goat Creek bottom of scary hill

    Correct -Bob

  18. Here are some guesses:

    1 – Spray River bridge
    2- Cascade River bridge
    3- Creek along the Cascade Valley
    4 –
    5 – Evan Thomas Creek along the Bill Milne trail
    6 – Spray River Bridge between east and west sides
    7 –
    8 – shadow Lake
    9 – Cascade River Bridge
    10 – Louise Creek
    11 – Lost Horse Creek along Red Earth Creek trail
    12 – Lake Minnewanka dam on the way to Cascade Valley
    13 – Creek along Cascade Valley near the Warden’s Station
    14 –
    15 – Kananaskis River bridge above the Upper Lake
    16 – Cascade River Bridge
    17 –
    18 – Shadow Lake
    19 – Cascade Valley
    20 – Stony Creek – beside the washed out bridge

    You have almost 4 correct:
    #2 is Cascade Valley at 6.3K
    #5 is Bill Milne(Now a bridge to nowhere after the flood)
    #10 is Louise creek (but what’s the name of the trail?)
    #12 is the bridge/road over the Lake Minnewanka dam on your way to Cascade valley.

    I thought #1 would be a dead giveaway. It looks like we’ve finally got a difficult quiz. -Bob

    • I agree with most of Doug’sguesses. Bridge 15 is in Nipika over the Cross river.

      I think 4 is on the Spray valley loop
      I think 7 is on Moraine Lk rd.
      I think 14 is on the 1A near lake Ohara
      I think 17 is in Paradise valley

      These 3 are correct:
      #15 Nipika.
      #4 is the Spray river east(close enough)
      #7 is Moraine Lake road at 2.6K over Paradise creek.-Bob

  19. This quiz looks very challenging.

    Is the bridge in #15 on the trail, or beside it? !!!

    The bridge is on the trail. It’s necessary to remove your skis, however, and walk across. -Bob

    • Those of us who have raced across #15 can tell some stories of the technical approach to even get to the ramp up to the bridge, let alone up the ramp. Quite the trick with ski boots on, tired legs, and race effluent crusted over your face…

      #6 appears to be #15’s prettier, easier, partner in crime.

      I can tell you’ve been there! -Bob

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