Redearth creek, PLPP

I was sent these photos by Gordon S. He was at Redearth creek yesterday and saw the trail was being snowmobile packed, but not sure if anything more was done. In the photo you can clearly see one snowmobile pass on the right side of the trail, with skier-set tracks in the unpacked snow on the other side.

Always an encouraging sign when you see this at the trailhead

Always an encouraging sign when you see this at the trailhead. Photo by Gordon S.

There were still some exposed rocks in the usual place, about 400 metres from the trailhead near the small wooden bridge as you start climbing. It’s a steep section, and if you’re snowplowing on the return, you’ll be sure to gouge your skis.”

With the predicted snow that’s coming on Sunday, hopefully the rocks will get covered and this trail will be trackset.


I heard on the CBC’s Real Ski Report this morning that some tracksetting has occurred in PLPP. If anyone heads out there today, please give us a report on what you find.

Yoho and Emerald Lake

The Yoho trail report indicates no tracksetting has been done, but I’ve heard from skiers the Emerald Lake trails have been trackset and are surprisingly good for this early in the season.

Skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre this weekend? Read this…

Two major events are occurring  this weekend at the CNC. At all times, there will be access to the recreational trails but the place will be busy and congested. You can read more about which trails are closed on the Canmore Nordic Centre page.

More snow on the way

In addition to opening up some more trails, the snow in the forecast for Sunday and Monday should freshen up the trails and cover the tree debris which we’re hearing about.

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