My entry for the song contest

It’s an obscure song, so there was no chance of finding it on YouTube. I first heard it in 1998 on CBC which has a reputation for playing obscure Canadian talent. I’m pretty sure no one has ever heard it. Anyway, I was driving to Elk pass to ski when I heard it back in Dec ’98, and it was the first time I’d ever skied there.

I didn’t ski today, but putting this video together made me long for Elk pass. The footage is from 2011, but I needed something to make a video for my song in the Best Canadian Winter Song contest. If you don’t enjoy the song, turn down the volume. The video is at least worth watching.

I enjoyed this song simply for the music, but if you listen to the words, I think the artist is using snow and winter as an analogy for a relationship.

What better title for a winter song than “SNOW.” If I win the toque, I’ll draw a new name!

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