Shaganappi is trackset

I received this email from Alasdair Fergusson:

Liz on the Shaganappi golf course with Calgary behind her!

Shaganappi golf course(file photo)

Hi all skiing enthusiasts

Finally we had enough snow to trackset today(Wednesday).

Yesterday’s snow was too light and filled with air as well as being too cold to compress to make a snowball.
Therefore 2 of us hard working volunteers packed the trails on Tuesday and returned today, Wednesday to set tracks.

Snow falling vertically is good! Snow blowing horizontally as it did in last week’s blizzard was bad! All the good Shaganappi snow ended up on the margins of the adjacent streets with beautiful cornices.
– Sovereign Cres from the driving range
– Bow Trail margin and in the tree shelter belt from the rest of the golf course.

There are no significant bare spots as there were last week but there are some thin spots. Shaganappi trail report Dec 11, 2013

Since our snowmobiles do not have a snow plough on the front and our shovels are not a hood ornament our volunteers earn their coffees.
– This repeats 2 old tracksetting jokes but seriously we must shovel snow with regularity.

We would appreciate any willing volunteers to shovel.
We have some 20 snow shovels and 2 large snow scoops plus a large cargo toboggan in our storage sheds.

Our snowmobiles also do not have heated cabs (and no car stereo either) but they do have heated hand grips to ensure the comfort of our tracksetters especially with wet gloves from shoveling.

So pray for more snow or offer more sacrifices to the snow gods!

Enjoy the good trails and snow and the warmer weather.

We remind you that no dogs are allowed on the golf course in summer or in winter – Calgary By-law 23 M 89.

Thank you

Alasdair Fergusson
Coordinator Tracksetting 1993 – Present


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