The blizzard aftermath

Snow depthFrom all reports, it appears that Calgary received the blunt force of the big blizzard. Here in Canmore I have 10 cm of snow on my deck. I’m at a high elevation(1402m)and my snow gauge is sheltered from the wind.

I heard a second-hand report that West Bragg received a lot of snow. Barrier Lake Visitor Info reports 9 cm, so if Ribbon creek and Kananaskis village received that much it should be enough to refresh all the trails there. No info on PLPP yet.

Update Dec 3 @ 3 pm: According to the Live Grooming Report, Jeff is working on the Bill Milne trail.

Banff National Park reports receiving 5 cm, and from Tracksetter John’s account, Lake Louise received very little. It will be very cold for the next five days in the mountains with daily highs forecast to be -15°C or colder. A high pressure system usually brings clear skies, and it always feels a little nicer when the sun is shining.

A few reminders:

  • Lifesport is giving away a Fischer ski bag this week to someone who likes them on Facebook.


I receive updates from website which promotes xc ski areas and xc skiing, mostly in the U.S. Doesn’t this sound interesting…

* Gourmet Tour – work with local restaurants and/or caterers to staff 5 food stations on a short loop on the trails. Skiers and snowshoers can visit each station to enjoy a different food category (cheese, soup, entrée, dessert, hot cider or coco). The Chocolate Tour in NH gets 825 participants!

Now I better get out and start shovelling.

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