Wedge connector is now groomed

Wedge connector2

This is an updated version to reflect new information:

The Wedge connector

The Wedge connector (file photo)

Most of the Bill Milne trail and Wedge connector are now groomed and trackset, but there is still an unskiable gap between the north side of Evan Thomas creek and the Mt. Kidd RV park. Approximately 1K of the original trail is still missing. Jeff circumvented the flood-damaged area by driving along the highway, and that part is not skiable.

To ski the Bill Milne trail between The RV park and Wedge connector, you would have to start at Wedge pond or at the RV park.

The updated trail report gives this info: “Groomed with a single track and skating lane from the Kananaskis Village to Evan-Thomas Creek and south of Mt. Kidd RV Park to Wedge Pond.”

With Ribbon creek gone, Wedge connector would be a great choice for beginner and novice skiers.

The Wedge connector, with the famous wedge straight ahead.

The Wedge connector (file photo)

To get to the the Wedge Connector, drive about 7K south of the Kananaskis Village/Ribbon Creek turn-off, and park at the Wedge Pond day use area. You’ll find the easiest trail in Kananaskis there, and very few people, so you can fall down in anonymity.

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