Name that bridge

Chuck O’Callaghan has put together a portfolio of damaged and replaced bridges. If you’re a regular reader, you may have seen all of these at one time or another. I’ve added 12 more photos at the bottom of this post. How many can you name(give location)?

So far, we’ve received about 8 cm of new snow in Canmore, all before noon. (Update Sat 8 a.m: Another 6 cm on Sat morning.) A snowfall warning is still in effect for Canmore and Kananaskis, but not Banff. The forecast predicts another 5 – 10 cm. If you missed it earlier, Elk pass received about 30 cm by 9 a.m. and Pocaterra 15 cm.

I’d like to welcome back Helen Read to the Trip Reports page. Her report on Redearth creek today reminded me of the first time I met Helen on the trail. It was at Elk pass and we were following her trail in about a foot of fresh snow.

Spray river east and west were trackset today. Jeff trackset the Kananaskis village trails along with Hidden, and Skogan as far as the Marmot junction. The screamer should be a lot of fun on the new snow. Keep an eye on the Live Grooming Report from PLPP in the morning. There might be some new tracksetting for tomorrow.


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  1. Hawk creek
    New bridge on Healy creek
    Brewster creek
    Spray river
    Spray river east
    Goat creek?
    Cascade river bridge
    Hawk creek
    Lake minnewanka

    • Hey Pete,
      I should have known I could rely on you… I was giving up:

      0) Title Photo: Hawk Creek (west of Ball pass)
      1) First bridge towards Heally Pass after leaving Bourgeau parking lot at Sunshine
      2) Temporary bridge across the Spray 5 km upstream of Banff (during construction)
      3) Brewster Creek just downstream of Sundance Lodge
      4) Spray River (10 km east of Banff) in winter
      5) New Spray River bridge (5 km east of Banff)
      6) Old Spray river bridge (5 km east of Banff) washed slightly downstream
      7) Spray River bridge (10 km east of Banff) in summer
      8) Cascade River bridge (6 km north of Minnewanka) washed slightly downstream
      9) First crossing of Forty Mile Creek between Norquay and Cascade Amphitheatre
      10) Single log to cross Tokumm Creek near Fay Hut
      11) New bridge over Forty Mile Creek
      12) Aylmer Creek crossing (8 km down Lake Minnewanka)

      Sorry… no prize this time… unless you want to join us breaking trail over Sundance Pass!

  2. Nope… but a nice try Iguana!
    Here is a hint:
    Think about Ball Pass, and then name the drainage.
    If you think this crossing looked scary, it got a lot scarier for me when I realized that Jeannette had crossed it, and I had to follow!
    Anybody else have any suggestions for locations of any of the photos before I have to start revealing them?

  3. Wow—Great shot under the title!! Looks like the Sarrail Creek falls on the Upper Kananaskis Lake loop?

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