Waxing tips from the pros (to help you in the upcoming loppets)

Lifesport waxwesThe following is from an article by Snowsports Canada:

Joel Jaques is a wax technician with Canada’s national cross country ski team, supporting all the skiers as well as acting as personal wax tech for Perianne Jones and Ivan Babikov.  Currently with the team for World Cup races in Europe and preparing to head off to Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Jaques took a few minutes to pass on his waxing tips for recreational cross country skiers. 

WaxingWhat are the basic waxing supplies someone should own if they’re just getting started?

JJ: You need the following basics:
  • Iron – to melt your wax
  • Cork – for spreading the wax
  • Scraper – to remove excess wax from the base before brushing it
  • Brush – a general purpose brush to remove the final bits of wax from your base without damaging the skis
  • Waxes:  I’d suggest a base binder, a red,violet and blue hard wax, a universal klister, a warm and a cold glide wax.

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Have you entered the contest for a home waxing set-up from Lifesport?

Nipika 2014 loppet posterLoppet season is here

There’s a race every weekend for the next six weeks. This weekend is the Nipika Loppet. Saturday is the classic race, Sunday is skate. Last day to register is Jan 31 at 12 noon.

From the sounds of yesterday’s trip report from Rob and Bev, conditions are excellent. We skied Nipika today and were able to cover 25kms of the trails on both sides of the road. It was great! The colder temperatures in the forecast should preserve the good snow conditions.

Check the loppet page for more upcoming fun events.

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