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Ski season would seem incomplete if I didn’t ski all the trails in PLPP at least once.

Enjoying the sun on Amos

Enjoying the sun on Amos

On my route through the north end of the park, I included some of the lesser-used trails such as Sinclair and the portion of Meadow which is north of the Visitor Centre. A few years ago, I saw a moose along Sinclair which has some nice open meadows.

Starting at the Visitor Centre and going south on Meadow, the conditions were excellent. This section of Meadow hasn’t been groomed for 13 days but the cold weather has preserved the track as if it had been done yesterday.

Queuing up for snowplow practice on Pocaterra

Queing up for snowplow practice on Pocaterra

The pleasant weather is bringing out the skiers, and I was surprised at how many were out on a workday. The sun was shining, and it was nice to see skiers taking breaks in sunny spots along the trail.

The temperature at the Visitor Centre at 1:45 pm was -8°C, and the snow was -11. 

Lee and Maggie were coming down Woolley

Lee and Maggie were coming down Woolley

There were a couple large school groups practicing on Pocaterra near the hut. I’m enjoying the new Pocaterra, especially in the south to north direction which gives a little more downhill. Conditions are good except for the occasional stretch with minor tree debris. The Cookie Race which is coming up in 12 days will be a whole new experience for the participants with all those hills.

Speaking of loppets and races, this Sunday is the  Huckleberry Loppet in Golden, BC. It’s a fun, friendly event. Snow conditions are reported to be excellent, and temperatures are forecast to be very pleasant.

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