Cross-country skiing looks like fun!

Cross-country skiing looks like fun!

The cross-country ski results for Canadians at the Sochi Olympics have been disappointing.  Today’s 30K women’s race was no different and saw Brittany Webster with the best Canadian result in 46th. Read more from Cross-country Canada: Haywood race report

Let’s keep things in perspective. In 1998, in Nagano, Becki Scott’s results were 47th, 60th, 51st, and 45th. Four years later, in Salt Lake City, she won a gold medal.

You might find these articles and blogs interesting. They give some theories and insight into the Canadian team’s results at Sochi:

Canada’s cross-country hopes fizzle in Sochi

From Jack Sasseville who does the play-by-play: Jack’s Olympic blog

This one is really heartbreaking. The U.S. women were off to a good start on the world cup this season and were expecting a medal at these games. I see the American team every October at Frozen Thunder, so I take an interest in their results. Today the coaches took the blame for their tactical error: Ski switch sinks Stephen, U.S. women

Jan Rossiter is hoping to represent Ireland at the Sochi Olympics

Jan Rossiter at Frozen Thunder in November

Another skier who I encountered at Frozen Thunder was Jan Rossiter. He was training in hope of making the Olympics on the Irish team. He did make it and posted an interesting update about his Olympic experience on his blog. If you’re wondering, he’s a Canadian but was born in Ireland.

Canada has one last chance tomorrow(Sunday) in the men’s 50K. Unfortunately, sickness has played a large role in the performance of the Canadian team, and it strikes again. Devon Kershaw, who missed an Olympic medal by .6 seconds in 2010, will not compete.

Cross-country skiing explained in 140 characters or less: Skis gliding, arms pumping, poles propelling, all muscles firing, get ahead, cross the finish line, fall over dead. Read more CBC Olympics Sport140

If anyone participated in today’s Cookie Race in Kananaskis, I’d be interested in hearing how the conditions were. The results are posted  here. Graham Nishikawa was the overall winner. He completed the 42K in 2:19:58


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  1. Hi Bob,

    Great conditions for the Cookie Race today – sunny and around -15 at the start, perfect tracksetting, easy waxing 🙂

    • I second that great conditions at the cookie race. A perfect day to ski hard and then eat delicious hearty soup and homemade cookies. Thanks to all the volunteers.

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