Spring skiing in PLPP

I’m always happy to meet other skiers and say hi. Sometimes, people are pleasantly surprised to meet me, the real SkierBob. Others are just surprised. When I see this reaction, I usually say, “You look surprised. I imagine you were expecting someone young, fit, and good-looking?” Well, at least I’m one-out-of-three 🙂

Lunch break at the Whiskey jack picnic table

Lunch break at the Whiskey jack picnic table

Okay, down to business. I had an irresistible urge to ski up Whiskey jack knowing there was new grooming last night.

The air temperature at Boulton creek was +2 at 12:30 pm with sunshine and no wind, so another glorious day. Skied in shirtsleeves the whole time. Early skiers would have been successful with purple wax, but my late-day skiing called for waxless.

Tyrwhitt, one of my favourite trails

Tyrwhitt, one of my favourite trails

I used the old traditional fish-scale skis today, just to let them know I haven’t totally abandoned them. Results were excellent. Good grip and glide.

The snow conditions seemed a little more consistent today, so it wasn’t any problem maintaining balance on the fast downhills. I was particularly surprised at how good it was on Pocaterra between Whiskey jack and Packers. With this trail running north to south, I thought it would have been mush with all the sun, but it was still quite firm and fast.

Mike and Kat on Tyrwhitt

Mike and Kat on Tyrwhitt

After reaching the top of Whiskey jack, I turned south and headed for Tyrwhitt where I skied to the end of the meadows. It was a day where you wanted to go slow and soak it all in, as any one of these ski trips on Tyrwhitt could be the last.

Mike and Kat were coming into the meadows just as I was leaving. They started out at Pocaterra hut earlier today. Mike was using wax with mixed results. The Pocaterra trail was reportedly icy when they started, but softened up as the day progressed.

Boulton creek trailhead at the end of the day. I hope this wasn't the last ski on these trails

Boulton creek trailhead at the end of the day. I hope this wasn’t the last ski on these trails

I’ve fought with wax in spring conditions too many times, going home with very tired shoulders. I’m resigned to using waxless skis despite them being slower.

Descending Packers was no problem. I kept my speed under control on the downhills, expecting the shade-sun lose-your-balance scenario but it wasn’t an issue. I could have kept the pedal down. The usual ice flow wasn’t even there today.

As you may have already read, a kid’s ski was found at the Boulton creek parking lot. If it’s yours, you can pick it up at the Pocaterra hut.

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