Hiking the Highline trail at Canmore

If you’re thinking of doing some hiking this weekend, be prepared for lots of snow and slush. The Highline trail starts out in reasonably good condition,
mostly free of ice and snow, but within 10 minutes and a few metres of elevation, the conditions change.

Emma and Christian were running down the East connector

Emma and Christian were running down the East connector

I hiked the middle loop with Tessa late yesterday(Thursday) and while we had no trouble, it’s not great. As we were climbing up the west connector from Quarry lake, we met four runners coming down and none were singing the praises of the conditions.

We enjoyed some beautiful views in the open spots. On the other hand, where the trail opens up is also where the snow can get very deep.

It’s been raining in Canmore today(Friday), and the forecast is calling for 2 cm of snow tonight in the valley bottom, probably more as you gain elevation.

Perhaps you may be better off following Alf’s lead, and go skiing!

The view from the Highline trail

The view from the Highline trail, looking north towards Lady MacDonald and Grotto

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