Skiers are on the way

Welcome to Canmore and Frozen thunder!

One of the things I like best about Frozen Thunder is the multitude of skiers I meet from all over North America. Last year, I remember talking with a number of skiers from the U.S.  team who I later saw competing in the Sochi Olympics. I notice from the Live Traffic Feed(on the lower right-hand sidebar) that I’m receiving lots of views from the skiing hotspots in the U.S. such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

The Nagano trail is waiting for the snowcat

The Nagano trail is waiting for the snowcat

One enthusiastic skier who I encountered at Frozen Thunder last year was Jan Rossiter. He was training in hopes of making the Olympics on the Irish team. He did make it and I later saw him on TV fulfilling his Olympic dream. Jan was born in Ireland but moved to Ontario, so he had dual citizenship. His blog gives an interesting account of his single Olympic race. “Two days ago I crossed the finish line of the men’s 15km classic race in Sochi and concluded my Olympic journey!” Come to think of it, the snow at Sochi was probably very similar to the conditions on Frozen Thunder, considering the temperature on race day was +10ºC.

The snow is going in all directions

The snow is going in all directions

I took these photos around noon today. Two of the loops were complete, and the third was gradually being finished as a number of trucks hauled out the snow. The spur into the biathlon range had been started as well. It looks like we’ll have the 2K which was expected.

I talked to groomer Paul and he said he’d be starting to smooth out the snow tomorrow(Friday) and finish off with corduroy. The forecast low for Friday night is +5ºC, so I’m not really expecting to see a trackset. It looks like shirtsleeve weather for Saturday at +16.

Frozen Thunder special rate 180x261If you’re coming from a long distance and require accommodation, the Stoney-Nakoda Resort is offering a special rate for skiers. It’s a 20-minute drive from Canmore, but just the buffets at their restaurant would be well worth making the drive.

There will be a short ceremony at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday morning to officially open Frozen Thunder.

There was about 100 metres of snow required to complete the final loop

Completing the final loop

A reminder, skiers require a day pass or a Frozen Thunder pass. Saturdays and Sundays are wide open for everyone. On weekdays, the public can access Frozen Thunder after 12 noon. Check the Canmore Nordic Centre page for more details.

More ski sales

Snowtips in Banff is selling off their rental gear. They have skis for $75 and boots for $40. I believe most of their skis are waxless, so would be suitable for Frozen Thunder.

Wilson Mountain Sports in Lake Louise is also selling off rental stock. Hopefully, we’ll be going to Lake Louise in three weeks to ski on Moraine Lake road.

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