Good-bye Frozen Thunder, hello CNC

The ski area formerly known as Frozen Thunder served its purpose well. Now we’ll put it to rest for another year, and henceforth my updates will refer to Canmore Nordic Centre(CNC) where the snow conditions today were awesome.

Classic skiers enjoyed a well-defined, excellent track

Classic skiers enjoyed a well-defined, excellent track

Frozen Thunder was the prologue, but today was the official opening of skiing at the Nordic Centre and my season pass is now in effect. It’s incredible how much snow has been made in the past week. The snow guns continue to operate non-stop and more skiable terrain should be added over the next week as long as the temperatures stay cold. Numerous mounds of snow dot the landscape, waiting to be worked and smoothed into skiable trails.

Kayla from the biathlon team at Augustana college in Camrose

Kayla skis with the biathlon team from Augustana college in Camrose

Some good news for beginner and novice skiers, the stadium area will be ready tomorrow which means you’ll have a practice grid of 10 lanes to perfect your technique. The Pisten-Bully was busy working the stadium area for most of the afternoon.

An additional kilometre of skiable snow was added today, and CNC is now up to 3.1K. The semi-circle which was brought onstream was a great deal of hilly fun. In addition, you can now ski from the daylodge to the start of the groomed trails.

Who wouldn't be smiling with terrific conditions and scenery like this?

Who wouldn’t be smiling with terrific conditions and scenery like this?

The air temperature had warmed up to -9°C by the time I hit the trails at 2:15 pm. I didn’t take a snow temp, but blue wax worked fine today.

I was surprised to read on the Banff trail report that Moraine Lake road was trackset yesterday. I don’t know where they found the extra snow, but it sounds like great news. I hope someone who was there today will leave a trip report and let us know how the conditions were.

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