Thanks for reading my blog; we set a new record!

We set a record yesterday for the number of visitors to this blog in a single day: 4813 and for the number of page views with 7496.
My deep gratitude goes out to all the trip reporters and tracksetting crews for the timely information they provide to the readers of this site.

With roads still a bit sketchy, and brass monkey temperatures, I expect a lot of skiers are reading this blog today, and making plans for when the trails have been groomed and the weather’s a bit more palatable.

Wilson's Skoki2I recently discovered a terrific resource for any skiers who are planning a trip to Skoki. This would apply to anyone staying at the lodge or just doing a day trip. It’s a blog which Wilson’s in Lake Louise set up to discuss gear suggestions for skiing into Skoki or the Skoki area.

Trail SportsIn a similar vein, this windfall of snow is likely motivating a lot of people to look into buying cross-country skis. Trail Sports has a very helpful page on their website which discusses the pros and cons of various types of skis and is worth reading. What ski should I choose?

Emerald Lake LodgeI would expect that trails in Emerald Lake and Yoho will now be getting some attention. It’s a long drive from Calgary, so why not take advantage of the special rate offered by Emerald Lake Lodge? They are now open for the winter. You’ll require a ski club memebership, so I hope you’ll consider supporting the Kicking Horse Ski Club with a $40 membership. KHSC is responsible for grooming and tracksetting in Yoho.

Tourism Canmore KananaskisDid you know there’s a wolfdog sanctuary in the Bow Valley near Canmore? Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary offers an unrivaled look at wolf-dogs, including a better understanding about wild wolves and their importance to the natural environment. You can read more about this on the website of Tourism Canmore-Kananaskis  and you’ll also see many accommodation specials offered by Canmore hotels.

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