Any suggestions for Alison?

WinterHi Bob,

New to your great site. Are you on FB or other ways to get regular updates? I’m looking for a good place to ski this weekend. Easy/mod for my family. Son is 10 yrs. But we are not regular skiers so nothing too long. Suggestions?

Thanks Bob!


I expect there will be a lot of skiers with the same question. I think this is the worst start to a ski season that I can remember, and we have few choices. The major meltdown of last week, followed by freezing temperatures, has turned most trails to ice. The fresh snow of Saturday has helped rejuvenate a few trails such as in the south end of PLPP, but those are not easy trails.

Nice to hear about the guys shovelling snow at West Bragg. Perhaps east Crystal line might be suitable?

The Kananaskis Village trails were groomed yesterday and I’m hoping we’ll get some reports from skiers who’ve been there. From tracksetter Jeff’s report, it sounds like Terrace trail could be an option for Alison and family.

I also hope we’ll have a trip report before the weekend regarding conditions at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

There’s little else available which I would consider easy unless you’re willing to make the long drive to Lake Louise. It sounds like the Great Divide or Moraine Lake road are still in reasonably good shape. Some fresh snow and grooming before the weekend would help the situation.

Yes, you can get updates on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. I’d echo what Blair said. Unless you want to drive for more hours than you ski, West Bragg Creek is a good option right now. The volunteers have been doing an amazing job of grooming the trails and filling in areas that were initially thin on snow.
    I suggest the following loop, that uses some of the new easy trails that were constructed this summer: From the parking lot, go east on lower Sundog and take the easy connector onto East Crystal Line. Follow East Crystal Line back to the start. Then go west on Lower West Crystal Line. Take the second link up to Middle Crystal Line, then take the next link back down to Lower Crystal Line and return to the parking lot.

  2. I skied West Bragg Creek twice this week (including today). It’s in very good shape; better than Mt. Shark/Spray Lakes trails, which were rained on & are now hard-pack ice. Plus, West Bragg trees are drooping with gorgeous new ice crystals. It looks spectacularly festive.

  3. Brad at Trailsports

    Hi Bob and Alison,
    Paul just completed a beautiful groom on the Banff Trail (CNC) right out to the meadow. I believe that they plan to have the entire Banff Loop in perfect condition for the weekend. Thanks for the great work Paul.

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