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Paulette wrote:

We are from Manitoba and there is no snow yet! My husband is itching to find snow somewhere and mentioned the possibility of going to ski Canmore for his birthday.(on the 26th) do you have enough snow to consider cross country skate and classic trails? Please let me know. Thank you.

Canmore Nordic Centre

Banff trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre is quadruple trackset and has a skating lane

Banff trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre is quadruple trackset and has a skating lane

Thanks for your question, Paulette. I skied an 8K loop at Canmore Nordic Centre late this afternoon on mostly excellent conditions. By Christmas, there will be more man-made snow trails ready(read the previous post from the CNC manager). My route today included Banff trail(the upper side of the loop), through the mine meadow and up to Meadowview, I turned left(east) on Meadowview which eventually reaches the maze of competition trails, and down to the daylodge. For Paulette’s husband, these trails are all possibilities for skating.


Meadowview, east of mine meadow

Meadowview, which is all natural snow, was thin but presented no problems. There was even a decent track for most of the way. I was tempted to take Freddie’s Flip back down to Banff trail, but I had my good skis on, not saying there was anything hazardous but I was being overly cautious on my newly stone-ground skis.

Meadowview, west of mine meadow

Meadowview, west of mine meadow. That’s Molly-Jane’s dad, Roy Strum

I talked to other skiers and heard reports that Meadowview going west was not as good, although skiers were coming and going. I skied on this portion of Meadowview for 400 metres and didn’t have any problems, but there were a lot of pine needles. Roy was heading in that direction on his skate skis and didn’t seem too concerned. By all accounts, the portion of Banff trail on natural snow is in dire need of  more snow, but there’s a good base and it won’t take a lot of new snow to freshen things up.

Most trails are wide enough for classic and skating

Most trails are wide enough for classic and skating

In many places along Meadowview I observed evidence of snow shoveling. The trail crews have worked hard to cover the thinnest spots, and have done a good job.

In front of the daylodge, there is a training grid which has 9 lanes on one side, 4 lanes on the other, and a skating lane in the middle.

Lights are on until 9 pm.

The air temperature was +2°C, and I had good grip using Swix violet(0°).

Did you see the amazing photo of the fireball over Banff?


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