Icy conditions update

Wheeler trail in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Wheeler trail in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park(file photo)

There’s snow in the forecast for Saturday and Monday. The cross-country ski trails are in dire need of some new snow to mitigate the icy conditions.

The Live Grooming Report from PLPP shows abnormal grooming activity last night: Wheeler, Spruce Road, and WWL acccess. I don’t know if it means anything, but those all have pavement under the snow.

As reported on yesterday, there’s fresh grooming activity on the Pipestone trails at Lake Louise.

This report from Marilyn at the Kicking Horse Ski Club came in last night regarding Yoho and Emerald Lake:

The Alluvial Fan trail at Emerald lake

The Alluvial Fan trail at Emerald Lake(file photo)

“We tried to work some of the trails but it backfired! Avoid the CONNECTOR all the way from Field & the HORSE TRAIL at Emerald Lake. We also tried to do another track on the lake–ran into slush but at least it will be frozen(hopefully hard) after tonight. STILL PRETTY GOOD—the Kicking Horse Fire Road, the Tree Hugger Trail (very close to the trees below the walking trail and the Horse trail), and the FAN. All good skiing — especially in that sunshine we had today!!!!”

To summarize, the Alluvial Fan, the Tree Hugger(to access the alluvial fan), and Kicking Horse Fire Road are in “still pretty good” condition.

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