January 1950 – a month when it was too cold to ski

They started collecting weather data for Banff in 1892. Today was the warmest ever on this date at 8.5°C.

On a positive note, tomorrow(Tuesday) is the last real warm day in the mountains and the Weather Network is predicting highs of +1 on Wednesday and +2 on Thursday, with snow flurries on Friday and Saturday.

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I always thought that it required snow and cold temperatures for this blog to have readers. Well, my experience this winter has turned that theory on its head. It’s been one of the worst years in my memory for xc ski conditions. On the other hand, it’s been the best year by far for readership of this blog. My new theory: In a poor snow year, skiers are searching for skiable snow and they have to turn to this pathetic blog to find it.

We’ll find out next winter when we have great skiing conditions all winter long 🙂

Banff January 1950

Click for larger image. Chart provided by Ray Perrott.

One of our regular trip reporters, Ray Perrott, sent me an email with a weather chart for Banff from January 1950. Ray says,

“As we swelter and curse our way through this warm weather, I thought you might like to see the other side of winter. I’ve attached a table of Banff temperatures for January, 1950. You’ll notice that there was no chinook at all that month – in fact most days were too darn cold to ski. If you look closely, you’ll see that Banff reached -51C on one night. January 1969 was almost as cold. Somehow, January this year doesn’t seem so bad.

Keep your fingers crossed for some snow with the colder temperatures coming this weekend.”

Nipika loppet ad 2015It’s the Nipika Loppet this weekend. Nipika Mountain resort posted this update today:

“Loppet skiers take note – conditions will be excellent for this weekends event!!  All trails [ 50 kms ]  are  groomed for classic & skate skiing.”

You still have two days to register for Nipika at Zone 4.

Also this Saturday, there’s a skating loppet in Red Deer Bob Johnstone Loppet

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