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Skiers on Morant's curve

Skiers Mary Young and Lincoln Smith on Morant’s curve

Have you ever wondered which photos are the most popular with readers? No? Well, I’m searching for topics, so indulge me with this one.

Always at the top of the list are the PLPP maps, so I’m not including them or any other map or trail marker photos.

This is for the period Dec 29 – Jan 27, 2015

1. Morant’s curve in the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet

2. Emerald Lake contest submission by Jeannette and here’s the original before Jeannette photoshopped it Fat biker on Elk pass. I am aware of information which indicates that Jeannette is in a conspiracy with Chuck O’Callaghan.

3. Lady Lumberjack in Lake Louise to Banff Loppet

4. Goat creek trailhead

5. Wheeler – Amos junction in PLPP

6. Pipestone

7. Blueberry Hill

8. Emerald Lake contest submission by Peter Neumann

9. Emerald Lake contest submission by Jim Wiebe

10. The Goat Creek girls

Reminder: You have until Friday to get over to Lifesport to enter the contest for a Home waxing set-up

Here’s an article you might find interesting by Duane Fizor, Information Content Coordinator for Alberta Parks in Kananaskis Country Live reports show snow grooming in real time


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  1. Jim Weibe’s photo looks like Tonquin Valley Lodge. A stunning spot, even more so beautiful in winter than summer. Also glad to see Ray and Mary making the top 10. Look forward to seeing you on some snowy trails VERY soon! Tried out the new waxless Fischers at CNC today and the nice part was how sparkling clean they were after skiing over all the pine needles and marginal conditions.

  2. Those are great, some I can see y their popular too, seems hot tub shot has dropped down the list?? BTW, pipestone and blueberry are the same pic…G

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