A rare sighting: falling snow!

-My back yard this morning. This was bare ground yesterday.-

Fri Feb 20 @ 12:50 pm We’ve received about 3 cm of high-density snow in Canmore. For the time being, it’s stopped snowing and the sky is sunny, however the forecast is calling for more.

The photo below of Hwy #40 was posted on Twitter 

Highway 40

Highway 40 in Kananaskis Country

I guess this snow has come too late to save the Cookie Race. The following notice has gone out to all registrants…

“Sadly, I must announce the cancellation of the 2015 Kananaskis Ski Marathon – the Cookie Race. The unseasonably warm temperatures, thin snowpack, and recent rainfall have left many of the trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in very poor condition, and the forecast shows little chance of recovery in time for the race.” -Tom Lambert, chief of race.

Groomer’s Reports

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  1. Excellent skiing is expected in Golden this weekend. New snow and colder temperatures than in the past week are expected. New snow last night.
    Renovating on the Dawn Mt Trails consists of running over the trails with our BR 275 snowcat with a renovator on the front, tiller on the back. We mix in the new snow with this and then….we go over it all again! Our goal is to have our skiers out there on snow, and right now it is going very well. -3C, sunny and fabulous!

  2. Good call on clamping down on the distractions in the Groomer’s Reports. That page should be purely information.

  3. I wouldn’t say the snow is rare. I read somewhere that we have had the same amount of snowfall as last year. What would be rare is if it didn’t melt in a few days. >:-|

  4. Disappointing, wish they could have pushed it back a week.

    Not sure I’m too happy with this “refund” policy either:

    “Within the next few days we will issue all registrants a refund equal to 75% of their race fee, direct to their credit cards. The remaining 25% covers race costs incurred to date.”

    • Lucky to get anything back. Some races keep all the dough. Although, I might have waited until Monday to make the decision, since there was some snow in the forecast, which is materializing. :-/

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