Trip Reporters

Helen Read

Helen Read has given us many helpful trip reports. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan

It’s common knowledge that March is the snowiest month of the year, but like all things this winter, it’s not holding true. There doesn’t seem to be much available right now for track skiing, except ice. Don’t venture out if conditions are unsafe. It was nice to get Chuck’s trip report from the Ottertail and see real snow.

Last year, near season-end, I did a thank-you post with photos of the tracksetters Thanks for the tracks . This year, I’d like to do the same for all the people who have left one or more trip reports. I don’t have photos of very many of you, so if you could send me a photo by email, that would be much appreciated. If you know of a posting on this blog where I’ve included your photo, I can use that, but let me know what the title and date of the update was. Send photo to

I have photos of Chuck O’Callaghan, Helen Read, Ray and Mary Perrott, Keith Bagnall, Steve Riggs, Cheryl B, Peter Neumann, Chip Scialfa, Georgina, John Addicott, Stephen Vermeulen, Doug Connery, RichiRich, Alf Skrastins, Jan, MaSid, Diana Piggott, and Risto.

Highline trail

Highline trail has numerous icy patches

As for skiing, I haven’t been out since Saturday at PLPP, and it doesn’t look very promising for the future.  Thanks for the trip reports and keep them coming, even if they are about hiking. Yesterday, Tessa and I did our first hike of the Highline trail which is in our back yard in Canmore. There are still lots of dangerous icy patches and you need cleats to do it safely.


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