-Savina and her mom were enjoying the early snow on Moraine Lake road on Nov 9, 2013.-

Update Oct 13 @ 8:30 pm: A report is just out from Gillean Daffern on the reconfigured Ribbon creek ski trail Kananaskis Blog Ribbon update. If you were hoping for a return of the easy trail we used to know, this excerpt from Gillean’s report should disabuse you of that notion, “the descent into Ribbon Creek across the steep hillside is a doozie: killer S-bends followed by a succession of steep hills…”

October might just be the second-best month of the year (Nov to March are all tied for first place).

Suzanne was on waxless, Lynette and Lori were on klister

How soon will Suzanne, Lynette and Lori be able to ski on Elk pass? (file photo from 2014)

The autumn colours have been spectacular this year, and seemed to last longer than usual. Hiking is still viable and the bugs are gone. The cooler weather and shorter days are harbingers of good times ahead.

Mostly, it’s the anticipation of the upcoming ski season. We’re already seeing a few comments on this blog from readers who are checking back in to see what’s happening here. Robin, on the Gear Swap page is looking for a ski pulk.

My skis can stop feeling neglected now. I’ve taken them out of storage and will soon start scraping off the storage wax.

The Banff Squirrel informed me on Twitter that Moraine Lake road was closed to vehicle traffic today. The next time we go there, it will be on skis.

Skiers enjoying the snow at Frozen Thunder(file photo from 2014)

Ember and Emma enjoying the snow at Frozen Thunder(file photo from 2014)

Frozen Thunder kicks off on Oct 23 for the keeners who will come to Canmore to get some early training in. We then wait for the first snowfalls at Lake Louise.

I’ve set up a page for the first Trip Reports of the new season. I might be a tad optimistic by hoping there will be any reports in October, but I wouldn’t put it past Chuck or Alf to send something in.

On the Cascade valley trail, Hahn and Aly were thrilled to meet SkierBob. I was just as thrilled to meet them!

Hahn and Aly on the Cascade valley trail(file photo from 2014)

Businesses are contacting me with their advertising requests. If you run a business which could benefit from exposure to thousands of xc skiers, check this page Advertising opportunities.

Many of the trails and bridges which were damaged by the 2013 floods will be skiable again this winter, Boulton creek, Healy creek, Cascade valley, Bill Milne to name a few. I’m looking forward to having easier and quicker access to Brewster creek now that the Healy creek bridge is back in.

Illegal motorbike on Skogan pass in K-Country

Illegal motorbike on Skogan pass in K-Country

A hiking trail has been rebuilt at Ribbon creek but I’m still waiting for an update on the progress of a proposed ski trail.

Speaking of Ribbon creek, another trail in that vicinity, Skogan pass was the centre of an interesting incident this summer. I was hiking on the Skogan screamer when to my surprise a motorbike came zooming by. It’s totally illegal to take any motorized vehicle on those trails. I did manage to get a photo of the culprit.

I’ll soon be posting some photos for our annual pre-season game known as “Guess the trail.”


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  1. I was thinking about my neglected skis over the weekend as well. Tony Daffern posted an update on the Ribbon Creek ski trail on his blog today. Its looks like it will be a challenging trail, not for novices.

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