Guess the trail; Blindfold edition

What if you were blindfolded and dropped by a helicopter onto a ski trail? Would you know where you are?

This is the mountain which I don't know the name, but it's a very popular trail usually with lots of snow

This is the mountain which I don’t know the name, but it’s a very popular trail usually with lots of snow(#9 in the photos below)

If you recognize the mountains in these 12 photos, there’s a good chance you’ll automatically know the name of the trail. I’m going to list the names of some of the mountains, but I don’t vouch for my accuracy, so if anyone can correct me, please leave a comment.

One of the mountains is pictured twice, although from different perspectives and different trails. There are no duplicate trails.

Mountains(random order): Pilot, 3 Sisters, Castle, Collembola, Wedge, Gap, Allan, Wiwaxy, McDougall, Unknown, Rundle, Wapta.

What trails are in these photos? They’re numbered 1-12.


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  1. # 10 looks like the Bill Milne trail.
    # 11 Goat Creek?

    • Both correct. That’s the Bill Milne trail as it departs the Ribbon creek parking lot heading east and I think the mountain is McDougall. This game’s over!

  2. #1 Terrace trail – centennial Ridge (Lt) and Collembola (Rt)
    #2 Lake Emerald trails – Wapta Mtn
    #3 Redearth Creek trail – Pilot Mtn
    #4 Junction trail – Castle Mtn
    #5 Bill Milne trail – Wedge Mtn
    #6 Tyrwhitt trail – Gap Mtn
    #7 CNC Banff trail – (Lt to Rt) Three Sisters / Lawrence Grassi / Ha Ling
    #8 Lake O’Hara fire road – Cathedral Mtn
    #9 Elk Pass trail – Mount Fox
    #10 ????

    Pretty good, Keith. #4 is officially “Baker creek to Castle Lookout.” The Castle Junction trails would be on the next leg between Castle Lookout and Castle Junction. I didn’t think anyone would get it.
    #5 You’re close, it’s the Wedge Connector, but you could see a similar view from Bill Milne I guess.
    #8. You’ve got the right trail but the feature is Wiwaxy Peaks. Funny thing, you were on the trail with me when I took that photo. Way ahead of me, of course. Cathedral Mountain is in the vicinity.
    9. It’s not Elk Pass, but you’re close.
    All the others are correct. -Bob

    • #11 ????
      #12 Pocaterra – Mount Wintour

      • #12 is Pocaterra(near Whiskey Jack), but it’s Gap Mountain.
        #11 might be a trail you’re not too familiar with. It’s in Banff, and the mountain is one of the many peaks on Rundle.

        • # 9 looks like Blueberry, Mt. Fox is the peak.
          #11 would be Goat Creek.
          We got a taste of winter this afternoon hiking in the Sheep River area, in the form of a 20 minute blizzard that dropped the temperature from 11 down to 3 and left a cm or two on the ground. (melting fast)

  3. 1. Terrace
    6. Tyrwhitt
    7. Banff trail in CNC
    12. Pocaterra
    That is all I’ve got. Awesome pictures by the way.

    …and four correct! -Bob

  4. I know three things. #8 is Wiwaxy. #9 is Mount Fox. And the third thing I know is that these pictures really make me want to go skiing!! Cannot wait. Thanks Bob.

    Thanks! I was debating whether it was Mt Fox. I was trying to recall my perspective when taking the photo but couldn’t exactly remember where I was or what direction I was pointing. It’s a very small window where there is a good view of this mountain. -Bob

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