10 cm at 10 a.m.

Update Nov 13 @ 3:40 pm: final tally was 16 cm and it’s wet, heavy and already consolidated down to 12 cm.  It stopped snowing around 1 pm. 

If anything, the weather forecast was modest in its snowfall prediction for Canmore.

As I write this at 10 a.m., I already have 10 cm of accumulation. The part that worries me is there is rain in the forecast, too.

According to the Canmore downtown time lapse webcam, the snow started around 5 a.m. which means we’re being inundated at the rate of 2 cm per hour.

Check the webcams before you go anywhere today. Right now, the highway is completely snow covered at Lake Louise and Castle junction. Sunshine overpass is getting there. Blacktop is still visible at Dead Man’s Flats.

West Bragg2West Bragg creek updates

I’ve been notified that you can follow the West Bragg Creek grooming activity on Facebook here Bragg Creek Ski Grooming, so click over and “Like” them. They are at 36 “Likes” right now, so let’s get that up to a couple thousand!

You can also follow GBCTA Ski on Twitter. They’re just starting out and only have 4 followers, so sign on and be informed.

The following is a photo from Banff townsite at 9:52 a.m:


One of the trails we like to ski is Lake O’Hara Fire road in Yoho. Take a look at what other creature uses this trail:

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